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"Everyone deserves to know how to keep a safe, healthy and clean environment."


Early Warning Food Service Solutions

is located in Brooklyn, New York. We provide food safety and sanitation education globally to food safety professionals in the food industry.


We inspire our students to identify their passions and build up their confidence and resumes.


Let's create a safer world to eat in!

Essentials of FIFO


Knowing what you have in stock and how fast or slow food items are moving out will ensure that purchasing is efficient and not wasteful. When food items are stored in an organized manner, they are easily identified and tagged in case of a food recall or that occasional customer complaint

Food Safey Mento | FIFO | Christine Tesat REHS RS CP-FS
What do we do:


  • Educate, Mentor, and assess your business

  • Identify risks of contamination

  • ServSafe food safety manager and food handler training 

  • Foreign Supplier Verification 

  • ...and much much more!

Food Safety Training Methods | Health Inspection